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Casino Night

Host a Vegas style casino night for your friends and colleagues with Double Down Casino Events. We provide unsurpassed casino night rentals to the great state of Texas. Our 100% handmade in Texas, full-sized casino rentals will make your party unforgettable. We will bring the fun and energy of Las Vegas to all sized parties. Casino nights are great for birthday parties, holidays, weddings, corporate events, and many other occasions. Many companies have found that hosting a casino night boosts morale and camaraderie among their employees. With over 15 years of experience in the casino rental industry, not only will your party have state of the art casino equipment you will also have the best dealers around. Our dealers are trained in the Bellagio style to give your guests the friendliest most authentic experience. Give one of our expert event planners a call to see why Double Down Casino Events is your best choice.

Why Choose Us?

We are the best of both worlds. You get the mom and pop pricing while getting the most realistic experience for your guests. All of our tables have leather padded arm rests and wooden legs. We update the felts on the tables annually to make sure they are the sharpest looking equipment. We offer almost a dozen games to entertain your guests. Black Jack, Poker Tables, Roulette, Craps, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Wheel of Fortune, and Casino War. Our tables have custom designed water resistant felts and every piece of equipment was made here in Texas. We have seen " the best " and it doesn't even come close to the equipment we offer at a better price.

Hosting a Casino Themed Party

 There are many ways to host a casino themed party. The following are just suggestions, please keep in mind that your event can be fully customized to your needs. We will walk you through the party and give you step by step guidance. We begin by providing a starter case of larger valued chips to you, the host. You will then pass out these chips to guests as they arrive and of course ,we can also assist with this process. If while playing guests ever run out of chips, they can comeback to the host for more. Every Starter Chip is blank which allows the host to set a dollar amount for each chip. Normally, party hosts choose $500 or $1000 per chip. Once the chips have been passed out, each guest takes theirs to any of the casino tables and the dealer will cash in their chip for playing chips ($5, $25 & $100). This chips have no real value and are just used as pretend or play money. These chips is what your guests will use to play at the various casino tables. At the end of the event the dealers will collect the chips from each guest and exchange them for raffle tickets provided by us. Normally, every $500 the guest has in playing chips equals one raffle ticket. For example, if I had $1,000 in playing chips, then I would receive two raffle tickets. Once all guests have returned their chips, the raffle tickets go into a drum provided by us and the host can raffle off prizes such as movie tickets, gift cards, bottles of wine, etc…


In response to the Covid-19 dynamic, we want our clients and guests to feel comfortable both planning and attending events with the "Double Down Casino Events" Team. We are taking the following precautions to protect both our staff and your guests.

1. Temporal scans of our staff as they enter your event, along with a questionnaire to confirm that the team member has not experienced any symptoms of Covid-19 and that they have not been around any person experiencing symptoms.

2. Staff are asked to wash their hands on arrival to your event.

3. UVC wands of table felts, bumpers, cards and chips.

4. Sterilizing dice after each roller at the craps table

5. Hand sanitizer at each casino table

6. Staff in masks. 

Card and Chips
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